7. Configuring and Managing VectorH : Error Reporting--vectorwise.log : Logging for Startup of the Vector Server
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Logging for Startup of the Vector Server
When the x100_server is first started there is a small window where the process may be generating output (errors) but is not yet writing to the vectorwise.log. This output can be found in two locations:
Output relating to x100_server startup including MPI Runtime, SSH, k5start messages, and x100_server return codes, and any errors. Default location is II_SYSTEM/ingres/files.
DBMS log
All output generated by the x100_server during startup is written to this log. To enable the log, run:
ingsetenv II_DBMS_LOG $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/iidbms_%p.log
The %p appends to the file the process ID of the process generating the log to prevent the file from being overwritten. DBMS logs are created by the iidbms and dmfrcp servers.
Configure x100errlog.log Rotation
The x100errlog.log file may need to be rotated to save disk space and to prevent large, unwieldy files.
If enabled, rotation starts a new, empty log file, and then compresses and renames the old file. The system keeps a specified number of old files and deletes all older ones.
Log rotation occurs at startup and no more than once a day unless the size grows to exceed the same limit as errlog.log, which defaults to 1 GB.
To configure x100errlog.log rotation, use the iisetres command to change the following parameters in config.dat:
Enables or disables log rotation. Valid values: true, false, force.
Default: false
Specifies the size after which log should be rotated.
Default: 100 KB
Specifies the number of compressed logs to keep.
Default: 5
If errlog_rotate is set to true, the log file is rotated on startup only if its size exceeds errlog_max_size. If errlog_rotate is set to force, the log is rotated on every startup, independent of size. If set to false (default) no log rotation is performed.