7. Configuring and Managing VectorH : Memory Settings
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Memory Settings
The main resource used by Vector is system memory. The system uses two memory pools on each node:
Disk page buffer pool
Configured by setting the [cbm] bufferpool_size parameter. The value must be an exact number with a suffix K, M, or G representing kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes, respectively.
Default: 0 (use 25% of physical memory)
Query execution memory
Configured by setting the [memory] max_memory_size parameter. The number provided is the available physical memory Vector can claim.
Default: 0 (use 50% of available memory)
These two memory settings are cumulative.
For example: On an 8 GB machine, the default configuration will consume up to 6 GB of memory (2 GB buffer pool + 4 GB query memory).
For example: On a 16 GB machine, if you want to configure the system to use 4 GB on the buffer pool and the remaining 10 GB on query memory (assuming 2 GB is reserved for other programs), the configuration file should have these entries:
bufferpool_size = 4G
max_memory_size = 10G