7. Configuring and Managing VectorH : Configuration Parameters in config.dat : Setting Parameter and Derived Parameter Values
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Setting Parameter and Derived Parameter Values
For most component configurations in config.dat, you can edit the value of a parameter, restore the parameter to a value that has been saved in a configuration "snapshot" file, or restore the parameter to its original installation value.
Using VCDA to Restore Configuration Parameter
Visual Configuration Differences Analyzer (VCDA) can be used to restore configuration parameter values saved in a snapshot file. For detailed steps, see the VCDA online help.
Protecting or Recalculating Derived Parameters
The settings of some configuration parameters are derived from those of other parameters. When a parameter is changed, any parameters derived from that parameter are automatically updated.
Any derived parameter can be set in "protected" mode, which means that the Configuration-By-Forms utility or Configuration Manager cannot recalculate the derived value. Protected mode allows you to set a desired value for the parameter, even though the value is normally derived by the system from other parameters.
If protected mode is disabled, the value of the parameter is adjusted whenever new values are set for other parameters on which the derived value is based. The new and old values are shown in the change log.
For detailed steps on performing these procedures, see the online help.
Components that Use Derived Parameters
The following components contain parameters that are derived from other parameters:
DBMS Server
Locking System
Logging System
Recovery Server