7. Configuring and Managing VectorH : Using Multiple Databases
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Using Multiple Databases
Vector fully isolates activities from various databases. Each database has its own storage system, buffer pool, and query memory pool. As a result, multiple databases running at the same time can lead to high resource consumption. For optimal performance, we strongly recommend that only a single database be used on a machine. Consider using different schemas to isolate multiple applications on the same database.
If you do plan to use multiple databases on one machine, we recommend that you reduce their resource consumption, mainly memory usage (max_memory_size and bufferpool_size parameters).
To close an active database
Issue this statement in a SQL client connected to the database you want to close:
call vectorwise (terminate)
If you then try to access Vector tables in this same database, the system will attempt to start the database automatically.
Note:  Running this statement can interrupt working queries.
Also, you can simply run the ingstop command, which will terminate all open Vector databases.