A. Command Reference : cbf Command--Start Configuration-By-Forms
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cbf Command--Start Configuration-By-Forms
Permission required: Access to the directory where the utility is located.
The cbf command starts the Configuration-By-Forms (CBF) utility. The CBF utility displays current values of the server parameters and lets you change them.
With CBF you can configure various components of the installation, select which databases can be accessed by a DBMS Server, reformat transaction log files and enable or disable dual logging, reconfigure protocol accesses for the Communications Server, set a new value of any configuration parameter, or restore the factory default, automatically calculate configuration parameters derived from other parameters, protect any derived parameter from further change, and run a system check for sufficient resources on a new configuration.
The cbf command has the following format:
cbf [-host=name] [-node=nodename]
Specifies the name of the remote NFS client installation to be configured. When using this parameter, system resource checking must be disabled.
Specifies the node to be configured. This parameter is valid in a cluster installation only.