A. Command Reference
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Command Reference
Where to Issue Commands
General Command Syntax
accessdb Command--Authorize User Access
alterdb Command--Set Database Characteristics
cbf Command--Start Configuration-By-Forms
ckpdb Command--Back Up a Database
clonedb Command--Clone a Database
copydb Command--Copy and Restore a Database
createdb Command--Create a Database
destroydb Command--Destroy a Database
extenddb Command--Extend Database to New Location
iiinitres Command--Install Parameter into CONFIG.DAT
iigetres Command--Get the Value of a Resource
iimonitor Command--Administer DBMS, Recovery, and GCF Servers
iinamu Command--Administer the Name Server
iiodbcadmin Command--Run ODBC Administrator
iiremres Command--Remove Parameter from CONFIG.DAT
iisetres Command--Set Configuration Parameter
iisuhdfs Command--Configure Slave Nodes
iivalres Command--Validate Configuration Resource
infodb Command--Display Database Information
ingprenv Command--Display Environment Variable Value
ingsetenv Command--Set Vector Environment Variable
ingstart Command--Start a Vector Instance
ingstatus Command--Show Server Status
ingstop Command--Stop a Vector Instance
ingunset Command--Delete Environment Variable
ipm Command--Start the Interactive Performance Monitor
isql Command--Start Interactive SQL Terminal Monitor
movedb Command--Copy Data Locations to Another Machine
mkrc Command--Generate System Service Script
optimizedb Command--Generate Statistics for the Query Optimizer
relocatedb Command--Move Location to Another Location
rollforwarddb Command--Recover a Database
sql Command--Start the Line-based SQL Terminal Monitor
statdump Command--Print Statistics in iistats and iihistogram Catalogs
sysmod Command--Modify System Catalogs
unextenddb Command--Unextend a Database Location
unloaddb Command--Create Files for Unloading and Reloading a Database
upgradedb Command--Upgrade a Database
upgradefe Command--Install and Upgrade Tool Catalog Definitions
vhclstatus Command--Display Status of Cluster Services
vwinfo Command--Display Information about a Database
vwload Command--Load Data into a Table
This appendix lists Vector commands in alphabetical order.