A. Command Reference : ipm Command--Start the Interactive Performance Monitor
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ipm Command--Start the Interactive Performance Monitor
The ipm command invokes the forms-based Interactive Performance Monitor, which combines the functions of the lockstat, logstat, iimonitor, and iinamu utilities in a single tool.
The Interactive Performance Monitor is used to view various aspects of a running installation. It can be used to view a running server, examine the logging and locking system, and perform actions on active servers.
For complete details on the use of the IPM command, see the Interactive Performance Monitor User Guide.
The ipm command has the following format:
ipm [-ddbname] [-e] [i] [-l] [-lrestype] [-n] [-t] [-rseconds] [-s] [-help]
Reports only on resources for database dbname.
Displays system and user locklists.
Displays interactive sessions and user locklists.
Report on all resource types.
Reports on specified resource type (page, table, database, and so on) only. If restype is not specified, reports on all resource types.
Does not print resources granted in null mode.
Reports on a particular table. With this option, you must also specify the -ddbname parameter.
Sets refresh time for various screens.
Runs ipm in standalone mode. Databases are not opened.
Displays command syntax online.