A. Command Reference : iimonitor Command--Administer DBMS, Recovery, and GCF Servers
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iimonitor Command--Administer DBMS, Recovery, and GCF Servers
Permission required: Privileged user (server control privilege).
The iimonitor utility allows a system administrator or other privileged user to perform session and server connection functions for DBMS, recovery, and GCF servers, including:
Viewing the status of the given server
Shutting down the given server
Monitoring or shutting down a particular session of the given server
Performing other server control functions of the given server
If you are using iimonitor to terminate a session that has an active transaction, the server first rolls back the transaction. The session is not completely removed until the rollback is complete.
The iimonitor command has the following format:
iimonitor server_id
Identifies the GCF address of the server.
To obtain the GCF address of a server, use the iinamu utility or the csreport utility (on UNIX). The csreport utility shows DBMS and recovery servers only.
This server ID can also be found in the installation log file (errlog.log).