A. Command Reference : vwinfo Command--Display Information about a Database
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vwinfo Command--Display Information about a Database
The vwinfo command displays information about a database that uses Vector tables, including:
Various statistics
Configuration settings
Disk usage of tables
This command has the following format:
vwinfo [options] [‑‑table tablename] dbname
--table tablename,  -t tablename
Limits the display to the specified table.
Specifies the name of the database.
Specify options, as follows:
--column_block_use, -C
Displays block use of columns as the number of disk blocks. Displays the table name, column name, and file name for the column.
--config, -c
Displays the current configuration settings for the database.
--help, -h
Displays command syntax.
--open_transactions, -o
Displays open transactions and active sessions.
--password password, -P password
Specifies the user password.
Note:  Specifying the password on the command line is insecure because the command line can be viewed by other users with programs such as ps. Vwinfo overwrites the password on the command line with zeros during program initialization to reduce the security risk, but a short time still exists where the password is visible to other users. It is more secure to let the program prompt for the password.
Default: Prompts on TTY when needed.
--stats, -s
(Default) Displays statistics on the database.
--table_block_use, -T
Displays disk use of tables as the number of disk blocks. The numbers shown are for committed data only.
--table_pdt_use, -M
Displays statistics on PDT usage (see  vwinfo PDT Usage Display), including number of inserts, deletes, and updated fields.
Specifies the user name and password used for DBMS_authentication (see  DBMS Authentication).
--user username, -u username
Specifies the effective user for the session.
Note:  You can specify only one of the ‑s, ‑c, ‑C, ‑T, ‑o options.
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