A. Command Reference : vhclstatus Command--Display Status of Cluster Services
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vhclstatus Command--Display Status of Cluster Services
The vhclstatus command reports the status of cluster services that VectorH requires, including whether all nodes in slaves file return ping, Kerberos access if enabled, MPI access, HDFS Safemode, and HDFS fsck.
This command has the following format:
vhclstatus [-options]
Specifies options to the command:
-h, --help
Shows help message and exits.
-p, --ping
Pings nodes.
-k , --krb5
Checks Kerberos credentials for all databases.
-d dbname, --database=dbname
Specifies database for --krb5 option (requires –krb5)
-m, --mpi
Checks MPI status.
-s, --safemode
Reports HDFS safe mode status.
-f, --fsck
Checks fsck status on HDFS (default=II_HDFSDATA).
-d, --df
Shows used space under HDFS.
-P path, --path=path
Specifies path for command (for example, --fsck).
-S, --summary
Prints summary (same as -p -k -m -s -f ‑d).
-v, --verbose
Displays more detail for each option.
-q, --quiet
Displays output only when check fails.
-y, --syscheck
Checks OS resources.
Sample output for vhclstatus -S:
VectorH Nodes                            - 2 alive, 0 dead
Kerberos Authentication                  - disabled
HDFS Safemode                            - OFF
MPI Check                                - passed
HDFS FSCK for II_HDFSDATA                - passed
Overall HDFS Usage                       - 3%