A. Command Reference : sysmod Command--Modify System Catalogs
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sysmod Command--Modify System Catalogs
Permission required: DBA or system administrator.
The sysmod command modifies the system catalogs of a database to their currently defined storage structure. Doing so removes overflow and deleted pages, which results in accelerating query processing. You can run sysmod on all or specified system catalog tables.
The sysmod operation requires exclusive access to the database.
The sysmod command has the following format:
sysmod dbname {tablename} [+w|-w]
Specifies the name of the database.
Specifies individual tables to be modified by sysmod. If omitted, all tables in the database are processed.
Directs sysmod to wait (+w) or not wait (-w) until the database is free before executing. The default is ‑w.