A. Command Reference : upgradedb Command--Upgrade a Database
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upgradedb Command--Upgrade a Database
The upgradedb command installs and upgrades one or all databases in the installation.
Upgradedb triggers upgradefe. For more information, see the upgradefe command description.
If upgradedb cannot upgrade the user interface catalogs for a database, it prints a warning and marks the database operative. You can then either run upgradefe directly on the database, or rerun upgradedb, specifying the database individually with the dbname parameter.
Note:  Upgradedb takes a lock on iidbdb (unless you use the -c flag). Make sure rmcmd is shut down (that is, set to zero in CBF) before running upgradedb.
The upgradedb command has the following format:
upgradedb dbname |vnode::dbname[/server_class]|-all [-c]
[‑standard_catalog_views] [‑help]
Specifies the name of the database (one name only) to be upgraded, and if required, the vnode and server_class, as described in Standard Flags and Parameters.
Causes upgradedb to operate on all databases in the installation that have not already been upgraded to the new release level. With this flag, upgradedb skips any databases already at the current release level.
Note:  You can specify either dbname or all, but not both.
Runs upgradedb concurrently from multiple sessions. To use this feature, run upgradedb on iidbdb before concurrently upgrading the user database. Specify flag -c in every upgradedb session.
Drops and recreates standard catalog views. This option can be used to recreate standard catalog views for a database that has already been upgraded.
Displays command syntax online.