A. Command Reference : iiinitres Command--Install Parameter into CONFIG.DAT
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iiinitres Command--Install Parameter into CONFIG.DAT
The iiinitres utility installs a newly defined configuration parameter into an installation’s configuration file (CONFIG.DAT). The parameter must be defined in a configuration rule file (.crs file).
The iiinitres utility is for use during version upgrades. The system administrator may use it occasionally to install special-use parameters, or to update configuration files that were incompletely updated by older versions.
The iiinitres utility locates the named parameter in the configuration rule system to get the leading components of the full parameter name. The parameter is installed in all matching positions of the configuration. For example, if the parameter is found to be a DBMS configuration parameter from the rule system, it will be installed into all DBMS server configurations in the installation. For each entry added to the configuration, any parameters dependent on the newly added resource are recalculated.
The iiinitres command has the following format:
iiinitres [-v] [-keep] resource [rule-map]
Displays old and new values as well as all recalculations (verbose mode).
Keeps the current value of the specified parameter (if it exists) in the configuration file. Without the -k option, the default setting will override the existing setting.
Indicates the name of the parameter to install. Specify the final component of the parameter name only, not the full name.
Indicates the name of a rule-map file to use in place of the normal one, default.rfm. The rule-map file must be in the $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files directory.
You can use the rule-map file to include special rules for computing the parameter being installed. For example, the upgrade process uses this option when calculating a replacement parameter from its old form.