A. Command Reference : mkrc Command--Generate System Service Script
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mkrc Command--Generate System Service Script
The mkrc utility generates a system service script under: $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/rcfiles.
The script is called:
serviceXX - for SYSV RC
serviceXX.conf - for Upstart
where service is the service name and XX is the installation ID.
For example, you can use this command to generate and install the actian-vectorXX script to have Vector start up and shut down with the Linux operating system.
The mkrc command has the following format:
mkrc [-i [123456]]|[-r] ‑u ‑s service
Installs the service script in appropriate directory.
If a run level of 1 or more is specified, the script is enabled for those run levels only. If no run level is specified, it is enabled for the levels defined by 2 3 5.
Removes service script.
Uses "upstart" instead of SYSV RC.
Default: SYSV
Specifies service type: actian-vector, iimgmtsvc, or ha.
Default: actian-vector