A. Command Reference : iinamu Command--Administer the Name Server : iinamu Example: Show All Registered Servers
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iinamu Example: Show All Registered Servers
Show all servers registered with the Name Server:
IINAMU> show servers
Here is sample output:
IINMSVR     *     32770
IUSVR      *     32775
INGRES     *     32777
COMSVR     *     32779
COMSVR     *     32781
BRIDGE     *     32793
JDBC       *     32795
STAR       *     32799
RMCMD      *     32802
JOHN       *     32810
DASVR      *     32817
The first column is the server type.
The second column is a list of databases registered to be served by the server. The entry * means that the server is registered to service requests for any database.
The third column is the server identifier, which is the GCF address for access to this server. This identifier can be used with the iimonitor command (in the case of DBMS, Recovery, and GCF servers).