A. Command Reference : iiodbcadmin Command--Run ODBC Administrator : iiodbcadmin Examples
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iiodbcadmin Examples
1. See a list of supported attributes and their values:
iiodbcadmin help attribute
2. Add a DSN named "myDSN."
iiodbcadmin add myDSN
3. Delete myDSN without writing anything to the screen.
iiodbcadmin delete myDSN -batch
4. Modify myDSN with the attributes SelectLoops and Database.
iiodbcadmin modify myDSN selectloops=Y database=odbcdb
5. Modify myDSN to connect with remote server myHost, using TCP/IP and listen address vw.
iiodbcadmin mod myDSN server=@myHost,tcp_ip,vw[uid,pwd]
6. Show the contents of the DSN named myDSN in the odbc.ini file.
iiodbcadmin show myDSN