A. Command Reference : vwload Command--Load Data into a Table : vwload from Remote System
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vwload from Remote System
The vwload command can be used on a client to load data into a remote database over a direct network connection. It is no longer necessary to first copy the input data files to the machine where the database resides.
Note:  Remote vwload requires a 64-bit client.
The network connection used for the data loading is unencrypted so it must be suitably secure.
Your system administrator may need to allow the direct connection between the vwload client and the Vector Server through a firewall. The Vector port number for a specific database must be statically configured.
For example, the following command issued on a remote client connects to the vnode "production" and loads data into the mydb database on the Vector Server:
vwload --table t1 production::mydb loadfile.txt