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What's New in Zen v15 SP2
This General Availability release of Zen v15 SP2, version 15.20, offers the following new features and changes:
This document may be updated after the release. Download the latest version from the Actian Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) website.
Platform Support
Excessive time for installation on Windows 11 ARM-based platforms is addressed in this release.
This release has been successfully tested on Windows 10 and 11 versions 22H2 and 23H2 and Windows Server 2019 and 2022 version 22H2.
ADO.NET Support
The Zen v15 SP2 ADO.NET SDK has added support for .NET 7.
Known Issues and History Logs
The Zen known issues log lists unresolved technical and usage issues, with workarounds when available.
The Zen history log lists fixed defects and selected enhancements in Zen v15 and its service packs.
You can download both of these files, as well as Zen v15 release notes and this What’s New document, at the Actian Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) website.
The documentation for this release has been updated to cover new or changed functionality. It has also been revised for clarity, grammar, spelling, and changes to internet addresses and product names.
Last modified date: 10/31/2023