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SAP IDoc (eDoc)
Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all resources, information, and activities that are required to complete business processes such as order fulfillment and billing. Intermediate Document (IDoc) is an SAP format to transfer the data for a business transaction. For more information about SAP, see
Schema File Required
You can obtain an SAP IDoc schema file (in W3C XML format) from SAP that contains the structure for your SAP IDoc file connections. If your SAP IDoc file structure is different, you may have to modify the template.
To make changes to an SAP IDoc template file
1. Import the file into DataConnect v11 as a text artifact.
2. Open the file and make the required changes.
3. Save the file with a different name in the required project folder.
To obtain a template file, contact your sales representative. These template files are standard schemas.
To connect to an SAP IDoc source or target file, you must set a schema in the IDocSchemaFile property.
Note:  You cannot connect directly to the schema. You must select a schema file from the current project that contains the schema you want to use.
Property Options
You can set the following source (S) and target (T) properties.
To set encoding for reading source and writing target data, select a code page translation table.
Default is OEM.
To use ANSI, select ISO8859-1.
For Windows CodePage 1252, select CP1252.
Used for parsing data and generating a new schema during design time. Select a schema file that contains the schema you want to use.
Sets the character that is used to mark the end of a record.
The default is CR-LF (carriage return-line feed). An HCFA1500-NSF file is expected to use this default between records.
To use a different record separator, select the required option. For the list of options, see Element Separator.
If the required option is not available and is a printable character, then enter the character in the drop-down box.
If the record separator is not a printable character, replace CR-LF with a backslash (\), an X, and the hexadecimal value for the separator. For example, for a check mark, enter \XFB.
For a list of the 256 standard and extended ASCII characters, search for "hex values".
Select the required version. This connector supports SAP IDoc versions 3.x and 4.x.
Element Separator
This connector supports the following element separators:
STX (0001)
SOT (0002)
ETX (0003)
EOT (0004)
ENQ (0005)
ACK (0006)
BEL (0007)
BS (0008)
HT (0009)
LF (000A)
VT (000B)
FF (000C)
CR (000D)
SO (000E)
S1 (000F)
DLE (0010)
DC1 (0011)
DC2 (0012)
DC3 (0013)
DC4 (0014)
NAK (0015)
SYN (0016)
ETB (0017)
CAN (0018)
EM (0019)
SUB (001A)
ESC (001B)
FS (001C)
GS (001D)
RS (001E)
US (001F)
SP (0020)
! (0021)
" (0022)
# (0023)
$ (0024)
% (0025)
& (0026)
' (0027)
( (0028)
) (0029)
* (002A)
+ (002B)
, (002C)
- (002D)
. (002E)
/ (002F)
: (003A)
; (003B)
< (003C)
= (003D)
> (003E)
? (003F)
@ (0040)
[ (005B)
\ (005C)
] (005D)
^ (005E)
_ (005F)
' (0060)
{ (007B)
| (007C)
} (007D)
~ (007E)
DEL (007F)