User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Altering Databases : Alter a Database
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Alter a Database
To alter a database, the Instance Explorer must be connected to the installation that contains the database (see Connect to an Actian Database Instance).
Most options on the Alter Database dialog (see Alter Database Dialog) are mutually exclusive, meaning you may choose only one.
To alter a database
1. In the Instance Explorer, right-click the database node and select DBA Utilities, Alter on the context menu.
The Alter Database dialog appears (see Alter Database Dialog).
2. Specify any desired backup options.
3. Specify an MVCC option, if desired.
4. Specify any desired logging options.
5. Specify any desired Unicode conversion options.
6. Specify any desired journaling options.
7. Choose whether you want output printed in verbose mode.
8. Click OK.
The Output Log page is displayed, and output is displayed on the text page.
9. Click Close to close the dialog.