User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Backing Up and Restoring Databases : Back Up a Database
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Back Up a Database
Before you can back up a database, the installation containing the database must be connected in the Instance Explorer (see Connect to an Actian Database Instance). You must also be connected as the installation owner.
You can back up a system or user database the following ways:
From the context menu of a Database node: DBA Utilities, Back Up
On the main menu ribbon when a Database node is selected in the Instance Explorer: Database, Database, Back Up (see Database Tab)
For more information about backing up, see the ckpdb command in the Ingres Command Reference Guide.
To back up a selected database
1. Initiate the Back Up command in one of the ways explained previously.
The Backup Database dialog opens (see Backup Database Dialog).
2. On the General page, select the backup target for the database.
If you selected Entire database: Specify the journaling status for this backup.
If you selected Selected tables in a database: Click Tables and select the tables to include in the backup, then click OK.
3. Specify whether you want to destroy previous backups and journal files.
4. Choose whether you want the backup reported verbosely.
5. Click the Options link to display the Options page (see Backup Database Dialog).
6. Specify whether to wait for the database to become inactive before starting the backup.
7. Set whether you want the database to be locked exclusively for the backup.
8. (For multi-location databases) Specify the number of parallel backups.
9. Specify the time to wait for active sessions to cease before abandoning the backup.
10. Click OK to start the backup.
The Progress indicator displays a spinner while the backup is being performed.
When the backup completes, output is displayed in the Output Log page of the dialog. A successful backup is indicated by the final line of output:
date/time CPP: Completed checkpoint of database: database_name
11. Click Close.