User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Backing Up and Restoring Databases : Backup Database Dialog
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Backup Database Dialog
You can set up database backup options on the Backup Database dialog. This dialog contains the following pages:
Output Log
General Page
The General page lets you specify the following backup options:
Backup Target
Lets you choose one of the following backup options:
Entire database
Specifies that the entire database should be backed up
Selected tables in database
Click the Tables button to open the Select Tables dialog. Select the tables you want to include in the backup and then click OK.
Default: Entire database
Destroy All Previous Backups and Journal Files
Specifies that all previous backups and journal files should be deleted, leaving only the current backup
Verbose Mode, Print Information as the Backup Proceeds
Specifies that interim messages be displayed as the backup proceeds
Default: unchecked
Journaling Status
This option is available only if you have selected the entire database as the backup target. Lets you choose one of the following journaling options:
Maintain current journaling status
Specifies the current journaling status of the database should be kept
Enable journaling for the database
Enables journaling for the database and performs the backup offline
Disable journaling for the database
Disables journaling for the database for this backup
Default: Maintain current journaling status
Options Page
The Options page lets you specify the following options:
Wait for Database
Specifies whether to wait for the database to be free (not in use) before performing the backup
Default: Don’t Wait
Exclusive Database Lock
Specifies whether to take an exclusive lock on the database. If checked, the backup is performed offline (while the database is not in use), which requires the database to be locked.
Default: unchecked
Parallel Backup # of Locations
For multi-location databases, specifies the number of locations at a time to back up to disk
Default: 1
Active Sessions Timeout
Waits the specified number of minutes and seconds for active sessions to complete. If the active sessions do not complete in the specified time, the backup is abandoned.
Default: 0 minutes, 0 seconds
Output Log Page
When you click OK on the Backup Database dialog, the Output Log page displays the contents of the output log as the database is backed up.
For more information, see Back Up a Database.