User Guide : 8. Using Queries : Create a New Query
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Create a New Query
You create new queries in the MDI (see Multiple Document Interface).
You may use \' as an escape sequence. For complete information about creating query statements and working with SQL, see the Ingres SQL Reference Guide.
To create a new query
1. Click Query, New.
A blank query tab is opened in the MDI.
2. Enter or paste the query text in the Query Text space.
Note:  Tab characters are not preserved when loading or pasting text into the document. They are converted to the appropriate number of spaces to align with 8-character tab stops.
You may use any of the commands in the Query section of the Query menu tab to manipulate text.
3. Click Save and specify a file name to save the query to disk.
To execute a query, see Execute a Query. To specify output format, see Specify Output Format for Query Results.
For a description of the fields in the status bar, see Query Status Bar Fields.