User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Working with Views : Display View Properties
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Display View Properties
Before you can view the properties of a database view, the installation containing the database must be connected in the Instance Explorer (see Connect to an Actian Database Instance).
You display view properties for databases using the View Properties dialog. You can open this dialog the following ways:
From the context menu of a view node: Properties
On the main menu ribbon when a view node is selected in the Instance Explorer: Database, View, View Properties (see Database Tab)
To view the properties of a view
1. Open the View Properties dialog in one of the ways explained previously.
General and miscellaneous settings are displayed on the General page.
2. Click the link to the Columns page to view column information for the view.
3. Click the link to the Locations page to view locations information for the view.
4. Click the link to the Definition page to view the CREATE VIEW statement that created the view.
Optionally, select the Pretty Print the SQL to format the code with line breaks and indentation.
You may copy the view definition by clicking in the text area, selecting all text, and then clicking Copy.
5. Click Close to close the dialog.