8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Layout and Create Operations--Create New Report Components : Create Additional Heading Lines
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Create Additional Heading Lines
By using the Create and Heading operations, you can add a new heading or additional heading line to a column or aggregate, except in Labels reports.
In Labels reports, use the Create and Trim operations to add column headings. However, be aware that you cannot move columns with headings added in this manner as a unit; you must move them separately. For instructions on moving trim, columns, aggregates, and headings, see Move Operation (see page Move Operation--Move Report Components).
To create a new heading line
1. Place the cursor on the existing heading or, if there is no existing heading, on the column or aggregate.
2. Select the Create operation from the Report Layout frame menu.
3. Select the Heading operation from the Create submenu.
If there is an existing heading, RBF moves the cursor to the first blank line below the existing heading line, creating a new line, if necessary. If there is no existing heading, RBF moves the cursor to the Page Header section immediately above the column.
4. At the prompt, enter the new or additional heading and press the Menu key. RBF inserts the heading.