8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Layout and Create Operations--Create New Report Components
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Layout and Create Operations--Create New Report Components
Use the Layout operation to create these report sections:
Report header
Page header
Break headers
Detail section
Break footers
Page footer
Report footer
For instructions on using the Layout operation, see Layout and Delete Operations--Delete Report Components (see page Layout and Delete Operations--Delete Report Components).
Use the Create operation to create:
Column headings
Blank lines
To use the Create operation
1. Position the cursor where you want to create the new component.
2. Choose the Create operation from the Report Layout frame menu.
RBF displays the Create submenu, which offers the following options:
Enters the text of a new trim element at the cursor position. For instructions, see Create Trim (see page Create Trim).
Creates a new column and column heading at the cursor position. In Labels reports, creates a column without a column heading. For more information, see Create a Column (see page Create a Column).
Create an aggregate, such as sum or average, on a column. Aggregates can be cumulative or unique and must be in break, page, or report footer sections. For instructions, see Aggregates (see page Aggregates).
Creates a new or additional heading line (not available for Labels reports). The new heading line must be associated with an existing heading, column, or aggregate. For details, see Create Additional Heading Lines (see page Create Additional Heading Lines).
Inserts a blank line above the line on which the cursor rests. For instructions, see Create Blank Lines (see page Create Blank Lines).
Help, End
Perform standard operations.