4. Using QBF : Query Target Selection : Data Display Forms for Query Targets : Default Forms
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Default Forms
When displaying a default form for a query, QBF uses the column names and data types of the table or tables in the query target. Unless there is a conflict, QBF uses the table column names as the internal name for each field on the form. When conflicts occur, QBF creates unique internal field names by slightly changing one of the column names.
When creating a form, QBF allocates each field enough space on the form for data entry and field titles. If you have specified that a table field must appear on the form, QBF first places all the simple fields on the form and then places the table field at the end of the form.
QBF supports several types of fields, corresponding to the basic data types:
Integer (whole numbers only)
Floating‑point (numbers including decimal places and scientific notation)
Character (alphanumeric characters)
For more detailed information about data types and formats, see the chapter "Working with RBF Report Specifications."