13. Using VIFRED : Form Size and Position : Move the Margins of a Form : Expand the Right Margin
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Expand the Right Margin
To create a form wider than the default width (determined by the column width of your screen):
1. Place the cursor on the margin of the form. The margin is a vertical broken line containing ruler marks, if rulers have been turned on.
Typically, VIFRED uses the entire column width of your screen, which places the right margin immediately off-screen to the right. If the right margin is off-screen, you can move the cursor to it with your cursor keys.
2. Choose the Move operation on the Form Layout frame.
3. Choose the Expand operation on the Move submenu.
The Expand operation adds one‑fourth of your monitor's current screen width to the form. If you use Expand once on an 80‑column screen, you extend the right margin to column 100. Using it a second time extends the margin to column 120. You can choose the Expand operation as often as you like.