13. Using VIFRED : Form Size and Position : Move the Margins of a Form : Place the Margin of a Form
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Place the Margin of a Form
The Place operation moves the margin inward to a position within the confines of the current margins. You cannot use the Place operation to move a margin outward from its current position, nor can you use it to move the margin so far towards the center of the form that some portion of a form component extends outside of the margins. In this case, the Place operation moves the margins as close to the desired location as possible, without having any form components extending past the margins. Under no circumstances does the Place operation squeeze components closer together.
To use the Place operation
1. Place the cursor on the margin.
2. Choose the Move operation on the Form Layout frame.
3. Relocate the cursor to the spot where you want the margin to be, within the boundaries of the current margins.
4. Choose the Place operation to move the margin to the new location.
For example, to position the margin at column 110 on an 80‑column screen, use the Expand operation to extend the margin to column 100, and again to extend the margin to column 120. Then position the cursor at column 110 and choose Place.