13. Using VIFRED : Run QBF from VIFRED : Quit Operation--Exit VIFRED
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Quit Operation--Exit VIFRED
The Quit operation exits the VIFRED. If you started VIFRED from the Ingres Menu, you return there automatically. If you started VIFRED from the operating system, you return to the operating system prompt.
You can select the Quit operation from the Form Layout frame or from the Forms Catalog frame.
If you are in the Form Layout frame, the Quit operation does not automatically save the work done in VIFRED. If you have made any changes to the form since the last save, VIFRED displays a pop-up form asking you if you want to save the changes. Select Yes to save the changes or No to exit without saving the changes.
If you are in the VIFRED Forms Catalog frame, enter Quit or End (which exits the current frame) to exit VIFRED immediately.