2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Naming and Name Use Conventions : Delimited Identifiers : Use of Delimited Identifier in Forms
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Use of Delimited Identifier in Forms
You must always enclose delimited identifiers within double quotes ("), as shown in the following examples:
As a table, view, or synonym:
"dave's table"
As a column name:
"Stocks & Bonds"
In Help statement queries in the query language Interactive Terminal Monitor; for example:
help table "my table"
In VIFRED field validations; for example:
field_name in "table one"."column two"
As a correlation name and column name in correlation_name.column_name constructs:
select "t‑1"."col 1" as col1, "t‑2"."col 2" as
from table_one "t‑1", table_two "t‑2"
When using owner qualification, for either or both the schema name and/or object name, as follows:
"schema 1".table2
dave."Dave's table"
"schema 1"."view table1 & table2"
field_name in "schema 1"."table one"."column two"
On the command line, as a username for the ‑u flag, groupid parameter for the ‑G flag, or database object in a command parameter.
‑u"user 2"
‑G"tech sup"
Your operating system can require additional delimiting and dereferencing quotes for these parameters and for delimited identifiers on the command line. For details, see the System Administrator Guide.
Delimited identifiers are displayed in catalogs and other lists of available choices without their surrounding double quotes, except when displayed for update. You can choose a delimited identifier from one of these lists as you do any other identifier--by moving the cursor to the item and choosing the appropriate operation.
Delimiting quotes and, if present, de-referenced embedded double quotes are shown in pop‑up forms and entry fields containing delimited identifiers displayed for update. If you edit a delimited identifier or enter one into a field by manually typing it, you must also include the delimiting double quotes (") and dereference any embedded double quotes by preceding them with another double quote(""):
"""expert"" witness"
Do not dereference single quotes or apostrophes within delimited identifiers:
"dave's table"
For information about specifying delimiting and dereferencing quotes in delimited identifiers on the command line, see the System Administrator Guide.