14. VIFRED Form Components : Move Operation--Move Components on a Form : Move a Single Component : Use the Place Operation
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Use the Place Operation
To use the Place operation
1. Position the cursor on the component you want to move and choose Move.
2. Position the cursor where you want to place the beginning character of the component and choose Place.
If you are moving a table field or a box, position the cursor where you want to place the upper left corner of the component.
Except for boxes and lines, if the selected position for the component would cause it to overlap another component on the form, VIFRED adjusts the position of the other component, moving it to the right if possible, and moving it down if necessary. Otherwise, the Place operation does not preserve spacing between components.
The Place operation allows boxes and lines to overlap each other. However, boxes that you create around fields as field attributes, rather than as part of the Box/Line operation, cannot overlap.