8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Save Operation--Save a Report Specification : Use the Save Operation
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Use the Save Operation
To save a report specification using the Save operation on the Save Report frame
1. Choose the Save operation from any RBF frame. If the Save submenu appears, choose the EditInfo operation.
RBF displays the Save Report frame, as shown in the preceding figure.
2. Make any changes to the report information displayed in the Save Report frame.
3. Select the Save operation.
A message near the bottom of the frame indicates that RBF is copying the edited report specification into the database, with the specified report and table names.
If you decide you are not ready to save the specification, select the Cancel operation instead.
When you select either Save or Cancel, RBF returns you to the Report Layout frame.
4. Continue editing the report specification, or select End to exit the frame and return to the Reports Catalog frame, or Quit to terminate your RBF session.