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New Features in Ingres 11.0
X100 Engine
The X100 engine is integrated into the Ingres architecture, making Ingres a hybrid online transaction processing and analytics processing database solution.
The X100 component lets you store data in X100 tables, which are processed using the specialized X100 engine, allowing faster performance for analytical database tasks. OLTP and analytic workloads can be run together. X100 tables can be used for reporting and analysis of your OLTP databases.
After upgrading with upgradedb, X100 operations are enabled in all user databases.
The following new features can affect the use of the X100 component:
New alterdb command flags -enable_x100 and -disable_x100 will enable and disable access to X100 tables and X100 operations (such as CALL X100) for the database.
The createdb command flag -no_x100 will permanently prohibit the use of X100 operations in a database; this prevents the X100 Server from starting, and the creation of X100 tables.
The convtohyb (convert to hybrid) utility will convert data in a database to forms that can be more efficiently processed. The utility can perform several types of data migration. It can convert columns that contain date, time, or interval data stored in ingresdate or character data to the appropriate ANSI date or time data types. It can also migrate columns of character data into UTF-8 suitable for working with X100 table structures.
Note:  The X100 component is supported only on Ingres 64-bit for Linux and Ingres 64-bit for Windows.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023