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How You Configure Replicator Using Replicator Manager
To configure Ingres Replicator, you should perform each of the following configuration procedures in the order shown. Perform these procedures on test tables first, before you register production tables for replication.
1. Create Replicator Catalogs on full peer and protected read-only targets.
2. Start Replicator Manager from a database that has a full peer CDDS
3. Define the local database.
4. Define other replicated databases.
5. Create your CDDS definitions.
For details, see Add a CDDS.
6. Specify CDDS databases.
7. Assign server numbers.
8. Enter your propagation paths.
9. Register tables.
For details, see Register Tables.
10. Create support objects for your registered tables.
For details, see Create Support Objects.
11. Create replicated transaction keys, if necessary.
For details, see CreateKeys Options.
12. Move your configuration to other full peer and protected read-only targets.
13. Activate change recording for any or all CDDSs and databases.
14. (Optional) Set up an e-mail list on every installation for message notification.
15. Configure the servers to the settings best suited to your replication system.
For more information, see the chapter "Using Replicator Server."
Last modified date: 06/08/2023