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Run the Replicator Manager the First Time
You must start the Replicator Manager from a database that has at least one full peer CDDS. You must configure Ingres Replicator on such a database and move the configuration to all databases that participate in the replication scheme.
Note:  Before you run the Replicator Manager for the first time, you must create the Ingres Replicator catalogs utility. For more information, see repcat Command--Create Replicator Catalogs.
To start the Replicator Manager and define the local database
1. Issue the repmgr command. For details, see repmgr Command--Start the Replicator Manager.
The Define Local Database window appears:
Note:  The Define Local Database window is displayed only the first time Replicator Manager is run against a database.
2. Enter appropriate values from your Database Worksheet in the Database Number, Virtual Node Name, and Remarks fields (use the tab key to move from one field to the next), and choose Save.
The local database details are saved and the Replicator Manager main menu is displayed with the name and number of the database in the upper-right corner.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024