1. Vector in Hadoop Concepts
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Vector in Hadoop Concepts
Vector in Hadoop Overview
Apache Hadoop Overview
VectorH and Apache Hadoop Integration
Installed Components
Vector in Hadoop Overview
Vector in Hadoop (hereafter VectorH) is a high performance, ACID-compliant analytical SQL database management system that leverages the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for storage and Hadoop YARN for resource management.
VectorH uses an ANSI standard-compliant SQL engine that performs native SQL processing of data and can be used for efficient large-scale data warehousing, data mining, and reporting. It has an advanced query optimizer, supports efficient updates, and is certified for use with the most popular BI tools.
VectorH performs efficient analytics for large quantities of data by using its vectorization engine and advanced data distribution/replication in HDFS to distribute data optimally. It also includes advanced security features and workload management.