2. Installing VectorH : Install VectorH as Non-root : Example of Installing with -noroot
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Example of Installing with -noroot
These example commands show how to install VectorH using install.sh -noroot, using the following settings:
User is actian
II_SYSTEM is /data/dev/installs/VH
Instance ID is VH
On all nodes:
mkdir /data/dev/installs/VH
chown actian /data/dev/installs/VH
On master node:
hdfs dfs -mkdir /Actian/VectorVH
sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfs -chown actian /Actian/VectorVH
Create the response file with slaves list (fully qualified):
vi myrspfile.rsp
Specify the absolute path of the response file on the install command:
$ sh install.sh /data/dev/installs/VH VH -noroot -express -respfile /PathTo/myrspfile.rsp
The installer responds with:
Actian VectorH 5.0.0 Express Install
Actian VectorH 5.0.0
will be installed with the following configuration:
II_SYSTEM: /data/dev/installs/VH
Beginning installation...