2. Installing VectorH : Vector in Secure Hadoop (Kerberos) : Managing Kerberos TGT at Runtime
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Managing Kerberos TGT at Runtime
After installation, Kerberos access and ticket management is transparent to the user. When an X100 server starts, Vector creates the TGTs and renews them for the life of the server.
The following Kerberos utilities, located in $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin, are used for managing Kerberos and TGTs.
krenew renews the Kerberos ticket-granting ticket cache for the actian principal.
runkstart command controls the Kerberos krenew daemon on all nodes through startauth.
startauth is a wrapper script for launching krenew server.
runkstart.sh--Control the Kerberos Daemon
The runkstart.sh command starts and stops the Kerberos daemon on all nodes. It has the following format:
runkstart -dbname dbname|-alldb [-kill|-list]
Specifies the name of the database on which to start or stop the daemon
Starts the processes for all existing databases. Valid only for ‑kill and ‑list.
Stops running processes on all nodes for a specified database
Lists the running processes and existing tickets on all nodes for a specified database