User Guide : Managing Workspaces, Projects, and Integration Artifacts : Adding Integration Artifacts : Creating a Process File
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Creating a Process File
A process consists of individual steps that are configured and linked to execute a workflow in the required order. The process steps rely on the components that perform multiple tasks. For example, running transformations and executables, or making updates to an SQL database.
You can create a process with or without using the Process wizard:
To create a process using the process wizard, see Creating a Process Using Process Wizard
To create a process without using the process wizard, see Creating a Process Without Using Process Wizard.
Note:  When creating a process in a workspace that already has only XML-based artifacts and if v9 compatibility mode is not enabled, then DataConnect detects that the existing artifacts are v9 compatible but the Compatibility mode is not enabled. The Compatibility Mode Preference Confirmation window is displayed asking if you want to enable v9 compatibility mode for new artifacts. Else, the new process is created in JSON format.
For more information about processes, see Designing and Executing Processes.