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Exporting Projects and Artifacts as an Archive File
You can export complete project or a few artifacts into a zip or other archive file. This makes it easy to move things from one computer to another or one workspace to another.
After you export to an archive file, you can perform any of the following:
If you do not want to change the artifact paths, use the Import from the archive option to import the exported archive file. This option is usually used when all artifacts are in the same project folder with no sub folders. For more information, see Importing an Archive File.
Expand the archive outside DataConnect and then use the Import From Folder option, which creates a new project with the extract folder name as the project name, copies all the files and resets the paths for the new location so that all the dependent artifacts are referenced properly. For more information, see Importing Artifacts from Folder.
To export projects or artifact as an archive:
1. Go to File > Export.
The Export window is displayed.
2. Expand General, click Archive File, and click Next.
The Archive File window is displayed.
3. Select specific projects and files to export or select Export All option to export all the preferences.
You can also click Select All to select all the preferences or click Deselect All.
4. In To archive file, click Browse and specify the archive file location and name and click Save. The file extension can be .zip, .tar.gz, .tar, and .tgz.
5. Select any of the following option as required:
Save in zip format: Export as .zip archive file.
Save in tar format: Export as .tar archive file.
Compress the contents of the file: Compresses the contents (resources selected to be exported) in the archive that is created.
Resolve and export linked resources: Resolve issues for linked files and folders and then export the files.
Create directory structure for files: Create hierarchy (folder) structure in the file system similar to the structure in the workspace.
Create only selected directories: Create hierarchy (folder) structure in the file system only for selected folders.
6. Click Finish.
The preferences are exported and the file is displayed in the Project Explorer window within the specified folder.
Last modified date: 04/08/2022