5. Monitoring Lock Information : Lock List Display Screen : Lock List Display Menu Items
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Lock List Display Menu Items
The Lock List Display has the following menu items:
Queries the Ingres locking system for locking information. Lock List and Resource information are obtained together to ensure a consistent snapshot of the locking system. After setting IPM Options, select this menu item so the locking information reflects the current options. For more information, see Option Selection Screen.
Displays a pop-up screen with additional information on the selected lock list.
For more information on this pop-up screen, see Lock List Display More_Info Screen.
Displays the Lock Detail Display screen, which displays all locks in the selected lock list. If table names must be retrieved, a delay may occur because a database must be opened.
For more information on this screen, see Lock Detail Display Screen.
Displays the Blocking Lock Display screen if the selected lock list contains a lock that cannot be granted. The lock that is blocking a lock in the current lock list is displayed, as well as all other locks on that given resource.
For more information, see Blocking Lock Display Screen.
If this menu item is selected and the current lock list does not have any locks waiting (to be granted), a pop-up message to that effect is displayed.
Displays the Option Selection screen. The current option settings are displayed. Various options can be modified and saved.
Searches a column in a scrolling region (tablefield). If searching a text column, Find locates all occurrences in the column. To locate the next occurrence of your previous search, enter (.).
Displays help screens.
Returns to the Lock Info Menu screen.
Exits IPM.