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config_svr_access:Client Requester Access%Server configuration settings for remote requests, cache engine connections, credentials, authentication, configuration file, and wire encryption.
config_svr_comm_prot:Server Engine Communication Protocols%Client configuration settings for automatically reconnecting after a network outage, network protocols used by the client, and how long the client waits while searching for or connecting to a remote database engine.
config_svr_compat:Server Engine Compatibility Configuration%Server configuration settings for new file format and system data (hidden unique key in each record).
config_svr_data_integ:Server Engine Data Integrity Configuration%Server configuration settings for archival logging of backups, system transactions, and timeout period for record lock conflicts.
config_svr_debug:Server Engine Debugging Configuration%Server configuration settings for bytes from buffers, select operations, and tracing.
config_svr_dirs:Server Engine Directories Configuration%Server configuration settings for physical storage locations for DBNames files, transaction logs, and temporary files.
config_svr_info:Server Information Configuration%Display-only information for server name, engine version, and type.
config_svr_mem_use:Server Engine Memory Usage Configuration%Server configuration settings for memory and thread buffers, sort buffer size, and use of operating system cache.
config_svr_perf_tune:Client Requester Performance Tuning%Server configuration settings for memory usage, cache size, file growth, index balancing, number of threads, and transaction log size.
config_client_access:Client Requester Access%Client configuration settings for gateways, number of connection attempts with the database engine, I*Net Data Server (IDS), and the use of a local or remote database engine.
config_client_app_chars:Client Requester Application Characteristics%Client configuration settings for transactional interface applications, such as embedded spaces, splash screen, and verification of index key length.
config_client_cache_engine:Cache Engine%If the cache engine is running, configuration settings for allocating startup resources, minimal inactive state, cache size, delay state, and memory usage.
config_client_cache_eng_debug:Client Engine Debugging%If the cache engine is running, configuration settings for bytes from buffers, select operations, and trace operations.
config_client_comm_prot:Server Engine Communication Protocols Configuration%Client configuration settings for reconnecting after a network outage, network protocols used by the client, and how long the client waits while searching for or connecting to a remote database engine.
config_client_perf_tune:Client Requester Performance Tuning%Client configuration setting for using the local client cache when accessing remote files.
config_client_security:Client Requester Security%Client configuration setting for user name for a remote server.
ServMonPrefPage:Monitor Preferences%Server Monitor Preferences retain the tab arrangement when Monitor is opened and set preferences for the tables open in Monitor, such as table columns and column widths.
mon_activefiles:Active Files%Active Files provides information about MicroKernel files that are currently open.
mon_mkdeses:MicroKernel Sessions%MicroKernel Sessions provides information about current connections to the MicroKernel Engine.
mon_resusage:Resource Usage%Resource Usage shows values for different aspects of MicroKernel operations in progress.
mon_mkdecomm:MicroKernel Communications Statistics%MicroKernel Communications Statistics displays information about communication with the MicroKernel Engine and also resource usage.
mon_sqlsess:SQL Active Sessions%SQL Active Sessions provides information about connections to the Relational Engine.
defrag_files_in_use:Defragmenter Tables View%Files in Use shows files currently or recently active that can be added to the Watch List.
defrag_tables_view:Defragmenter Tables View%Tables view shows the server nodes from which tables can be added to the Watch List.
defrag_btrieve_files:Defragmenter Btrieve Files View%Btrieve Files view provides a tree of directories and files where data files can be added to the Watch List.
defrag_watch_list:Defragmenter Watch List%The Watch List displays columns of fragmentation statistics and other details for tables and data files.
DefragPrefPage:Defragmenter Preferences%Defragmenter Preferences set window behavior and turn on or off warnings about defragmentation actions.