7. Stage 5--Run a Multi-user Concurrency Test
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Stage 5--Run a Multi-user Concurrency Test
How Do I Run a Concurrency Test?
Tuning for Concurrency
Small Data Volumes
How Busy Is My Cluster During the Test Run?
How Do I Run a Concurrency Test?
There are various ways to conduct concurrency testing, such as:
Ask many people to run queries at the same time
Use a tool such as Apache JMeter or HP LoadRunner to simulate user loads
Create query execution scripts to automate the testing
All are valid options; choose the one that best fits your needs. Bear in mind that the first two options include the network communication layer between the client and the VectorH server, whereas the third option does not. It may be sensible to take the simplest possible approach first, and then layer in more complex infrastructure afterwards.
If you have query scripts that can be used, a tool on the Actian Github repository called “runall” will take a series of SQL scripts and execute a concurrent user test with them. The command looks like this:
./runall.sh -d pocdb -g N -i $II_SYSTEM -k Y -m 15 -n 150 -p N -s new-scripts
This command will run a 15 user test, with a total of 150 queries (so an average of 10 queries per user), by iterating through the SQL scripts found in the “new-scripts” folder. For an example, see Running the Performance Test Kit.